LinuxNews.com: Ocularis: Seeing Eye Linux

[ Thanks to mhead for this link. ]

“Visually impaired Linux users can expect their very own
seeing-eye penguin, courtesy of Project Ocularis, a Linux operating
system (OS) distribution that allows sight-free operation.”

“JP Schnapper-Casteras, Ocularis’ founder, includes on the
project site a detailed editorial outlining the importance of
Project Ocularis and open source to the cause of bringing increased
levels of IT access to the visually impaired. The editorial
addresses the advantages of open source software for the blind in
its various incarnations and speaks to such user issues as quality,
ease of use, fucntionality without sighted assistance, cost and

“To meet its target audience’s accessibility and cost
requirements, Ocularis is licensed under the GNU General Public
License (GPL). The ocularis-desktop-0.0.1 release is currently
available for download on the SourceForge development site. The
project site is hosted at SourceForge as well.”