LinuxPapers.org: Ethernet Networks

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“Ethernet is the most widespread network technology for
local area networks (LANs). It is low in cost and its cabling and
configuration are relatively simple. In this paper we will see how
to set up an Ethernet network and configure it.”

“An Ethernet network can be built physically in different ways.
The cheapest is using coaxial cables, very similar to the ones used
to connect your TV set with the antenna or the wall outlet, and
UTPs (Unshielded Twisted Pairs), which are made up of eight twisted
wires. Similar to UTPs, and even cheaper, are the plain flat 8-wire
cables, just like the ones you use to connect your phone to the
wall outlet, except they are a bit wider. There are two different
connectors which can be used, depending on the type of cable you
choose. Coaxial cables need metal connectors called BNCs, while
UTPs and flat cables use plastic connectors called RJ-45.”

“Now let’s examine the network topology, which depends on the
type of cable you use. …”


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