LinuxPlanet: Akamai CEO Swings His Elbows

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“Among his words of advice: attack your competitors where
they’re strongest, as Microsoft did with Netscape or as Dell did
with Compaq Computers. When a questioner who said he was taking his
company public in a year asked for counsel, Conrades didn’t let him
finish the question: “Cut it in half. Work your ass off and go out
in six months. Go as fast as you can and suck the oxygen from your

“Akamai (AH-kuh-my; the name is Hawaiian for “clever” or “cool”)
has been taking in oxygen at a furious rate since it burst onto the
Internet scene a year ago. The company’s game is simple: delivering
the content of Net companies, everything from text to streaming
video, more quickly and reliably.”

To do the job, the company has over 2,000 Linux-based
servers set up across more than 100 telecommunications networks in
50 countries across the globe.
Akamai can map the status of
the Net within seconds at any given time, almost instantly
determining the quickest route to deliver data from content
provider to user.”