LinuxPlanet: Freedom 2.0 for Linux: Masking User Identities

“Freedom 2.0 from Zero Knowledge Systems, Inc. is a nifty little
add-on for your browser and e-mail client that allows you to create
pseudonym identities for yourself while you are out surfing on the
Web. Under the guide of one of these identities, called nyms, you
can surf to your heart’s content knowing that what the Web sites
full of cookies and trackers are seeing is the nym, not you.”

“Freedom 2.0 comes in two flavors: standard and enhanced. The
standard version is free and gives you quite a few nice features,
some for your browser and some for just general security.”

“The browser-specific features include a form filler, ad
manager, and cookie manager. These are pretty self-explanatory in
their proposed functions.”

“A more general security feature is the Keyword Alert, which
warns you every time you are about to send a message out with your
real name and address. And then there is the Personal Firewall,
which gives a fair amount of security to your system, particularly
if you have a dedicated connection like cable or DSL.”


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