LinuxPlanet: KDE to Be Part of Debian GNU/Linux

“We took a few moments to write both Wichert Ackkerman, current
project leader for Debian, and Ivan Moore II, who heads up the
(until now) unofficial effort to package KDE for Debian. We kept
the e-mails short, expecting it would take the project a few days
to absorb the information and make a policy decision. Both,
however, answered quickly: Ackerman within an hour, Moore by the
next day (he’d been out of town for the long weekend.)

“‘We will to wait until the Qt 2.2 release and [until] someone
makes packages of a KDE2 snapshot that is based on that before we
can include it,’ wrote Ackerman. ‘Considering how many people have
been asking for KDE packages in Debian I expect that we will have
packages within 2 weeks of the Qt/UNIX 2.2 release.'”

“‘All that is needed is for Troll to release the GPL’d QT 2.2
version and me to build/upload it, and then build KDE against that
package,’ agreed Moore.”