LinuxPlanet: Linux Networking, Part 6: Securing Your Network

“The only sure way to lock down a PC is to disconnect it from
any network and never load a program or a document file that
supports macros. That is rather impractical especially when our
goal is to connect the network to the Internet.”

“There are a number of avenues and methods where security of a
network can be breached. Attacks from the Internet through the
firewall are the ones we look at here. Other threats include
computer viruses.”

“Attacks from the Internet can be divided into two types. The
first are ones that try to gain access to the router/firewall or
the network itself. These are the ones we will concentrate on. The
second type attempts to prevent the connection to the Internet from
being used. These types of attacks are made from computers on the
Internet and flood the firewall. There is not much the typical user
can do about the second type of attack without the help of their
Internet service provider and some rather technical assistance.
Luckily, this type of attack will not result in the loss of
information or compromise the security of the network.”


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