LinuxPlanet: Making GNOME Look Like OS X

“The GNOME desktop environment offers a wide variety of choices
when it comes to cosmetics; you can make it look like practically
anything. In its default condition, GNOME is highly usable, but
perhaps a little bland. If you’ve always admired the Apple OS X
desktop theme and layout but aren’t ready to drop a load of cash on
an Apple machine (or if you want to stick with free software), this
article will show you how to make GNOME look and feel more like OS
X, with some limitations.

“The first step toward OS X-ness is to change the icon, window
border, and application control themes. There are several
individual theme packages that meet these needs, and a few that try
to do it all in one. I spent a few hours looking through the
collections on art.gnome.org, gnome-look.org, and freshmeat.net’s
theme section and came up with what I thought was the best