LinuxPlanet: The Present and Future with Fedora Core 4

“Each new release of Fedora Core brings with it new
possibilities. Red Hat Enterprise and Fedora Core 4: The
Complete Reference
by Richard Petersen makes a special effort
to incorporate the latest developments of Fedora Core as well as
Linux in general. Critical changes have taken place with device
management (udev and HAL) and software access, as well as new
capabilities like GFS (Global File System). We caught up with
Richard to talk about his view of Fedora Core 4. Some standard
concerns still remain, and there is the ever present competition
with that other OS.

Is there any impact of udev and HAL to an end

“Though udev and HAL are designed to have zero impact on the end
user, there is a circumstance where it could be important.
Customized or non-standard applications could require a symbolic
link to a device. Though udev and Hal already implement the
standard links like /dev/cdrom, should you need to add a new one,
you would have to edit the udev configuration files and know how to
add a SYMLINK entry for your device reference…”