LinuxPower: The Kernel Based NFS Implementation

Thanks to Erik Levy
for this link.

“A few months ago in my article on User-Space NFS, I mentioned
the kernel space NFS implemntation. I sort of implied that I would
be covering it in a later article, and here that article is.”

“To run an NFS server using the kernel based NFS server, you
must have a kernel which supports knfs, which generally means a
2.2.0+ kernel. The kernel shipped with RedHat 6 does support this,
though I don’t know about other distributions. Then, you must
enable the support in the kernel (again the RH6 default kernel, has
this set up). For this, you must select the option “NFS server
support” under Filesystems->Network File Systems in the kernel
compile. You can either include this in the kernel or compile it as
a module (though I’ll recommend compiling it in). Also, there is
the option “Emulate SUN NFS server.” This option makes the NFS
daemon behave somewhat like the Sun one, though it is quite odd.
From my understanding, it means that if you have a directory
/mnt/net/foo and you mount something via NFS at /mnt/net which
doesn’t have a foo, you can still access /mnt/net/foo. Though, I
could be very wrong here, in which case, I hope someone corrects me
🙂 Anyway, unless you know what this is and want to enlighten me,
I’ll just recommend you just say no on this one 🙂 Go ahead and
compile your kernel and reboot into it.”