LinuxPR: AMIRIX Announces Release Of Powerful Open Source Configuration Tool For Embedded Linux

“AMIRIX Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the release of a
powerful new open source configuration tool for embedded Linux
systems. Amirix is a proud sponsor of the non-commercial “Embedded
Debian Project” whose goal is to create a completely open,
multi-vendor embedded Linux software resource based on the Debian
GNU/Linux distribution.”

“As the Y2K ‘problem’ has shown, embedded computers are
everywhere. From cars to refrigerators to automated banking
machines, embedded computers have an enormous impact on our
day-to-day lives,” says Debbie LeValliant, president. “These
computers are increasingly more powerful and will require a full
fledged operating system. We believe embedded Linux will be that
system and the release of this open source tool moves us closer to
this goal.”

“The CML2+OS system allows the configuration and generation
of both a Linux kernel and an operating system. Its purpose is to
assist embedded Linux developers in configuring and generating
small (1 to 10Megabyte) Linux target systems.”

“This first development release is entirely in keeping with the
goals of The Embedded Debian Project and is consistent with
Debian’s ‘social contract’ with the free software community,” says
Andrew Reid, Vice President of Technology. “AMIRIX values, and is a
strong supporter of the open source movement. We are really excited
about the potential of this tool and expect it to become the
de-facto standard for configuring embedded systems.”