LinuxPR: Finally, a Linux Keyboard……

CoolKeyboards Corporation announced today that they have
produced the world’s FIRST piece of computer hardware specifically
for the LINUX operating system…

“The keyboards that CoolKeyboards have created can best be
described as the following, says Vice President Lisa Syken, “We’ve
gone back to basics, if you’re into the ‘Soft Touch’, you won’t
find that here. Our keyboards have TRUE tactile feedback, the kind
touch typists dream about, not that mushy feel you get and then
don’t know if you’ve actually fully depressed that key or not.” She
goes on to say, “The keyboards are made so well, that you can twist
the keyboard between your outstretched hands, and the keys won’t
pop-off like some other poorly made keyboards. The keyboards come
with an easily removable dust cover, and are backed by a 1 year
warranty that is actually worth the paper it’s printed on.”