LinuxPR: IntraLinux Networking Solution Ready for Market

Integrated software and full-service Linux solution for
small to medium sized businesses.

“STS International, Inc. is set to launch its new Linux product
on January 22nd in Aptos, Ca. at the Seascape Resort Hotel at
10:00am. IntraLinux is the first major product in the open source
networking market that bundles specialty implementation and support
for small to medium sized corporations and enterprise

“The IntraLinux product consists of a networking solution that
includes an optimized version of the Linux Open Source operating
system and a number of implementation and management tools.
IntraLinux provides top performance as a file, print, application
and web server in an office environment. Many Linux distributions
try to be all things to all users. The IntraLinux software is
implemented and optimized to operate as a network server so that
performance and reliability are enhanced. In its simplest form, the
IntraLinux system runs as a network layer so that the office
environment isn’t drastically altered, and familiar desktop
functionality is preserved for all common desktop systems. However,
IntraLinux is also an excellent application server platform that
permits businesses to exploit the large and growing market for low
cost, high performance, open source applications.”