LinuxPR: LhD: Supporting Resellers who Support Linux.

Linux Hardware Database introduces “LhD: Rated Linux
Compatible” Program for Resellers.

“Linux Hardware Database, the premiere resource for Linux
hardware ratings, drivers and support, announced the launch of its
“LhD: Rated Linux Compatible” program for hardware resellers. The
program is intended to help hardware component and systems
resellers provide Linux support and compatibility ratings through
their existing web storefronts.”

“LhD aims to help both large and small hardware resellers remove
the guesswork from buying, installing and supporting hardware
devices under Linux. The LhD: Rated Linux Compatible program
provides resellers with dynamically updated Linux compatibility
scores based on data collected through The Linux Hardware Database
and its partner sites. Like the Linux kernel itself, the LhD: Rated
Linux Compatible scores are driven by the Linux community. Product
ratings come from actual Linux users who contribute product
satisfaction reports and configuration suggestions to LhD.”