LinuxPR: Linux Central now offering bootable network cards from DisklessWorkstations.com

“Linux Central…has signed an agreement to distribute diskless
networking products from market leader

“The Power of the X-Windows System and low cost workstations can
simplify your environment while providing all of the functionality
of conventional computing architectures. When other vendors are
deploying thin client solutions, an often overlooked opportunity is
to utilize a Linux environment with diskless X-Windows

“These bootable network cards work great with the LTSP software
(Linux Terminal Server Project). This software is what you use on
Linux to setup and maintain the diskless workstation. It provides
the Linux kernel and the root filesystem that the workstation
mounts. And, it eventually will include all of the management tools
to monitor and maintain the workstations. The Linux Terminal Server
Project is setting the standard for diskless workstations in a
Linux environment.”