LinuxPR: Linuxcare Certifies Cubix Multi-Server Systems

Cubix receives Linuxcare Labs certification for their
Density Series multi-server systems for Red Hat, SuSE and Turbo
Linux’s TurboCluster Server.

“Cubix Corporation today announced that Linuxcare Labs has
awarded certification status to Cubix’s Density Series multi-server
systems. Linuxcare Labs successfully tested the Density Series
system with the Linux kernel, and compatibility tested the system
with Red Hat, SuSE, Caldera, and Debian distributions of Linux, as
well as TurboLinux’s TurboCluster Server product.”

“Deploying Linux on Cubix systems can be a very cost-effective
platform for Web services”, said Jim Zakzeski, Vice President of
Marketing and Sales for Cubix. “The Linuxcare Labs certification
allows our customers to be confident in the fact that our
multi-server systems are tested for Linux.”