LinuxPR: March 2000 Issue of Linux Magazine Available Online


The Age of Itanium
Intel’s Next Generation Microchip Changes Everything
by Wendy Goldman Rohm
By the end of this year, the first 64-bit Intel systems will begin
to hit the market. What does this mean for Linux?”

Illiad’s Odyssey
How a Web Designer at a Canadian ISP Created the Most Popular Comic
Strip in the Linux Community
by J.D. “Illiad” Frazer
Are you a UFie? Want to become one? User Friendly’s creator tells
the story of his phenomenally successful comic strip.”

The Cat In The Red Hat
His Company’s Wildly Successful IPO Kicked off the Market’s Open
Source Infatuation
by Robert McMillan and Lee Gomes
Don’t call it the next Microsoft. If things go Bob Young’s way,
people will think of Red Hat as the Wal-Mart of the open source

Graphics Grab Bag
Make Linux Your Palette with These Essential Tools for the Web
by Michael J. Hammel
When it comes to pictures, Linux has a lot more to offer than just
the GIMP. Find out what cool tools are available.”


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