LinuxPR: muLinux V7r6 – minimalistic single floppy Linux distribution

“muLinux is a full-configured, minimalistic but mostly
complete, application-centric Linux distribution, fitted on a
single 1722K floppy, with add-ons. Main goals: proselitism,

“In the base floppy you have:”

  • “Internet connection (via PPP) or LAN (via Ethernet);”
  • “e-mail processing (fetch, read and send mail), NFS, Samba/SMB
    share mounting, ftp, IRC, finger, telnet, rlogin, trafshow, news
    (read & post) and web browsing (with lynx 2.6);”
  • “PC-PC link via pppd;”
  • “IP firewall & IP masqueranding;”
  • “remote access via modem line (miterm);”
  • “two text-editor: elvis,ae;”
  • “fdisk,e2fsck, fdformat; job scheduler (atd), crond, ringd
    daemon, WWW server, dialin server, serial server, fax server;”
  • “play & record WAV, CD listening (playcd), say synthetizer,
    mp3, local and remote UNIX printers, etc…”