LinuxPR: Open Source Telecom Corp. announces IVR Server

“Open Source Telecom (www.ostel.com) announces the delivery of
the first open-source interactive voice response system. The
initial IVR Server solution automates Internet service provider
support functions with telephony interface boards from Pika

“According to OST President, Martin Clinton, this product
“represents OST’s growing emphasis on providing telecommunication
integration solutions for business. We see increasing demand for
this type of telephony integration product and OST is well suited
to provide solutions for these needs.”

“Every business needs an IVR system,” according to Rich Bodo,
Vice President of Open Source Development, “and the added power of
a fully web-enabled system opens up a whole new world of
applications to our customers. This is why Internet service
providers love our system; it can automate support functions for
them that no other IVR system can.”