LinuxPR: TCI/SmartWorld: Free Internet for Linux

“TCI Business Innovations and Smart World Technologies
announce Linux-friendly free 56k Internet dialup service from 1200
points of presence in the US and Canada.”

“TCI Business Innovations… and Smart World Technologies…
announced a new partnership to extend free 56k Internet dialup
service to the North American Linux community.”

“The partnership pools SmartWorld’s network of over 1200 points
of presence with TCI’s Linux and Internet support to provide
continental roaming dialup accounts for Linux and other O/S
platforms. TCI CEO Gary Lawrence Murphy says: “This partnership
counters the bundled offers from other O/S and workstation vendors,
and ups the ante by providing no-gimmick 100% free Internet access
from points of presence across Canada and the United States.” The
freewwweb4Linux program bundles 80 free hours per month with a true
POP3 email account.”