LinuxProgramming.com: Editor’s Comment: GPL Pop Quiz

I’ve long contended that for all the discussion in the Linux
and open source arenas about the GPL (GNU Public License), a lot of
people don’t really know what the license does and doesn’t say. So
why don’t we put my theory to the test and have a little fun with a
licensing quiz?

Before the zealots flick on their flamethrowers, let me point
out that I’m not bashing the FSF, the GPL, open source, motherhood,
apple pie, or anyone or anything else. I have long contended that
the GPL makes it somewhat difficult to determine exactly which
actions are allowed, once you get into the real world and start
dealing with the combinatorial explosion of circumstances.

That’s why I’ve done something unusual and intentionally not
spoken with anyone in any way associated with the GPL in connection
with this quiz. I wanted to take as much of an outsider/average
programmer approach to this matter as possible. Also, I’m basing
the questions and my interpretations of them on the copy of the GPL
currently on the GNU.org web site, here.

(Please note that when I say “may” below I’m using it as
shorthand for “may legally”, and I’m not asking whether
it’s physically or technically possible to do the thing in

All questions are true, false, or “I have no idea”.

Complete Quiz

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