Linuxtopia: DHCP Learn-to

“Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP is an IP addressing
protocol that can make the task of administrating a local network
much simpler. Some may say that it is just as easy to set up a
local network using statically assigned addresses, as it would be
to configure one’s system for DHCP. Well, that may be the case if
your network contains only a handful of computers, with no one
attempting to use laptops or adding systems to the network without
your help. However, if you are the administrator of a larger
network, or a dynamic network that will allow for the
addition/removal of systems such as laptops, then you may be
interested in setting up your network to incorporate DHCP…”

This introduction into the basic mechanisms and
inter-relations of DHCP is provided to give the reader a better
grasp of the DHCP protocol and how it works.
THis Learn-To is
geared for everyone from the first-time user of the DHCP protocol
and its agents, to the network administrator wishing to incorporate
an inexpensive option of a Linux DHCP server on the network…”