LinuxWorld: An Unauthorized Biography of RMS [Book Review]

“Sam Williams filled in a few missing tiles on the mosaic of the
history of Richard Stallman and the free software movement with his
unauthorized biography of Richard Stallman with his book entitled
Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman’s Crusade for Free

“Given the pyroglyphics that always seem to accompany
discussions of Stallman, true believers being set upon by the
forces of evil and all that, Williams could hardly have chosen a
more perilous task. There are two dangers involved: failing to give
Stallman the credit he deserves, or giving him too much. Williams
negotiates the path wisely.

“If you are geek like me, you will appreciate the behind the
scenes looks at Stallman as he was growing up. I’ve never been to
MIT or Harvard. Stories about Stallman during his college days are
interesting, but I’ve never really been able to relate to


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