LinuxWorld: Linux on laptops

I’ve never really been a laptop kind of guy. It was a class
thing, a money thing. Accountants and managers and salespeople
carried them. Dweebs like me are chained by money (or lack thereof)
and tradition to desktop devices, not so much by choice as by bang
for the buck. Everything for laptops is more expensive.

“It’s not that I, a certified member of the have-nots, haven’t
drooled when I’ve overheard the haves describing the butterfly
keyboard on their new Thinkpads, or the pumped-up Pentium
performance of their new Toshibas. It’s just that, at most points
in my life, I either couldn’t afford one, or couldn’t justify the
added expense when I thought what the same bucks would buy for me
on the desktop.”

“But over the past six months, my perspective has begun to
change. For one thing, a couple of guys started showing up at the
Austin LUG meetings with laptops, usually showing off the latest
Red Hat or SuSE install. And Linux looked cool on a laptop.”

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