Live from the Mass. Technology Leadership Council Open Source Summit

“Open source summits seem to be all the rage these days, so I’m
blogging from another one this week. In this case, it’s the third
somewhat similar event staged by the Massachusetts Technology
Leadership Council, the largest and oldest technology membership
association in the Commonwealth. Rather than repeat the dance card,
you can see my prior entry on the program here. Dan Bricklin is
taping the event, so I’ll add a link to the podcast here when he
posts that. Interestingly (or incongruously) enough, the event is
being hosted by Microsoft, consistent with its somewhat
schizophrenic strategy of both moving cautiously into the open
source marketplace while at the same time seeking to protect its
core products from erosion. (Dan is also doing his usual Happy Feet
routine, dashing around the room with a microphone to capture every

“I arrived somewhat late, due to the even more than usually
villainous traffic this morning on Route 128, but caught most of
the first panel (the legal one) which overviewed events of note
over the past year, as well as first-hand accounts from members of
some of the GPL3 committees of what it’s been like in those venues
as the parlous process of consensus building proceeded in the run
up to the imminent release of the final version of GPL3…”

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