LPI Weekly News for January 11, 2000

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 13:45:24 -0600
From: Jared Buckley
To: [email protected], [email protected]

Welcome to the weekly newsletter of the Linux Professional
Institute(tm)! LPI is dedicated to providing a standardized,
multi-national, and respected program to certify levels of
individual expertise in Linux. Our goal is to design and deliver
such a program from within the Linux community, using both
volunteer and hired resources as necessary. We resolve to undertake
a well considered, open, disciplined development process, leading
directly to the establishment of a recognized and widely endorsed
Linux certification body.

What’s News?

(Well we’re back after a not-so-brief holiday break! On a
personal note, I hope the rest of you were as bummed out by the
uneventful Y2K rollover as I was. Thank goodness for

T1A is Ready!

After many stops and starts, our first exam is finally, really,
no-kidding available. You can sign up to take the T1a test in
English at any of VUE’s 1700 world wide testing centers. Check out
the press release at:


We of course could never have done this without all your


Congratulations everyone! It’s been a long road, but a very
rewarding none-the-less. Still, there’s more work to be done, so
after you’ve finished the champagne, read on…

Bazaar Thanks

Special thanks are also due to the people who helped out with LPI’s
booth at the Bazaar in December in New York City. Many thanks to
Samuel Du, Nancy Maragioglio, Michael Slaughter, Harold Sinclair
and Marc Torres for spending time at the booth.

Trade Shows – LinuxWorld

LinuxWorld Expo is coming upon us quickly and as usual we’d love to
see you there. If you’ve got time to stop by and help out, Dan’s
got a couple of opportunities available:

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for LPI’s booth at LinuxWorld again in New
York City, Feb 2-4, at the Javits Center. If you would be able to
help for a few hours, please contact Dan York ([email protected]).

EVENT COORDINATOR NEEDED – We’re looking for someone, preferably
local to New York, to help coordinate our booth presence at
LinuxWorld. Primarily, this will involve scheduling volunteers for
the booth, receiving materials shipped down to NY for the show, and
helping with the setup of the booth. Anyone interested, please
contact Dan ([email protected])

Frequently Asked Questions

As some of you may have noticed (or not) I’ve started fielding
questions sent to [email protected] and I’ve seen a few questions pop up
there pretty frequently in the past couple of weeks. As lucky
insiders, you get to see them before they hit the official FAQ:

Q: I certified with Digital Metrics before they joined with LPI;
does my original certification count for anything?
A: Yes, your DM certification counts towards the T1a exam, so you
don’t have to run out and take it. You should have received or will
very soon be receiving an email explaining how the DM certificate
holders are being integrated into LPI. If you didn’t get copied on
this message, let me know ([email protected]) and I’ll be sure that you
get a copy.

Q: I want to be able to offer LPI’s certification exams; what do
I to do?
A: Get in touch with VUE and become an authorized testing center.
You can find information at:


Q: How can I partner with LPI on training?
A: LPI doesn’t provide training, only certification. If you’re
interested in doing training, you can use our published objectives
to design your own course:


or you can try contacting some of the companies listed on


or poke around on your favorite search engine for other
opportunities. Best of Luck!

Q: I keep hearing that the first few exams are “beta”; what’s
that mean?
A: In order to assure that we’ve got a psychometrically valid test
and to establish proper cut scores, LPI need to closely scrutinize
the results of our early test takers. The exam that’s available
through VUE right now is the “production” exam and is exactly the
same exam content that will be available after the “beta” period is
over. The only difference is that you’ll have to wait a few weeks
for a snail mail letter to let you know if you passed or not,
instead of the instant gratification of knowing when you leave the
test center. The “beta” counts 100% towards your level one
certification. Keep in mind that we need lots of early adopters for
validation, so get out there and test, test, test! (The faster we
can validate the test, faster we can get you your results!)

See y’all next week.


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