“LXDE” is a really svelt and fast Linux GUI

“I’m not claiming it’s the smallest (it’s not) or even the
fastest or the best, but it is pretty good for my needs, on my 12
year old celeron computer in my back porch farm office/dog room/Ham
radio shack. It only has 576 megs of ram. The computer is too old
to spend money on buying more memory, so I wanted an operating
system that would use a minimum of system resources. I chose PCLOS
Linux, using the LXDE gui (graphical user interface), and it’s made
a big difference:

“Follow the link for full system specs and download

“The minimum RAM requirements for LXDE is 384 megs. I was using
Linux Mint GNOME on the computer before this, and it’s minimum RAM
requirement was 512 MB. It worked ok, but was a bit slow and
clunky; I had to wait a lot, and could not multi-task much. Thus,
using the computer had a slight “painful” quality.”

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