Machinarium – A Tasty Linux Gaming Treat

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“As the game opens you find yourself broken and
discarded in the dump outside the city wall. Your first task is to
reassemble yourself. Once that is accomplished, you can begin your
quest to return to the city and your girlfriend. Your adventure
unfolds as you solve puzzle-like problems in order to progress. For
example, how do you trick the guard to lower the drawbridge? Or how
might you enter a tunnel that remains sealed except for the few
seconds when a train cart passes?

“The back story is revealed through Josef’s memories seen as
thought bubbles as the story progresses. Some of the first memories
recollect our hero and his love as children playing around in an
oil bath laughing and splashing. Later, dirty deeds of the
antagonists against our hero, how he came to be in the city dump,
and how the girlfriend came to be captured are revealed. It’s
amazing how these small glimpses into Josef’s mind, feelings, and
motives start to build a three dimensional character and pull the
player in from almost the start. You care about him and want to see
him reunited with his girlfriend. The environment is as much a
character as the robot.”


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