Manage Google Services from the Command Line on Linux

“I love Web services. I’m just not a fan of always having to use
a browser as the interface for said services. Google’s services
have crept into my daily routine to the point that I’m using Gmail,
Google Calendar, and Google Docs all the time. But I also like
doing things from the command line, which is why I’m using GoogleCL
to connect to Google services from the command line.

“GoogleCL is a set of Python scripts that use the GData Python
bindings to connect to Google services. So you authenticate to your
Google account, and then you can pull or push data to a set of
Google services. The GoogleCL suite only uses Google APIs, so it’s
a bit constrained by what Google actually allows via the API
— there’s no screen-scraping or hackery going on that would
let GoogleCL do something that’s not allowed by the API.

“GoogleCL supports Google Docs, Picasa, Blogger, Google
Calendar, Google Contacts, and YouTube. If you’re wondering why it
doesn’t support Gmail, just remember that you can already interact
with Gmail services via POP3, IMAP, and SMTP — so you can
already set up text-based mailers and CLI tools to work with Gmail
if you like.”

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