Mandrake.Tips.4.Free.Fr: In-depth Mandrakelinux 10.1 Official Edition Review

[ Thanks to aRTee for this link.

“For this review I went out of my way and installed on all
systems I could get my hands on. This should give a much better
overall impression of the capabilities of the tested operating
system than when it just gets tested with 1 or 2 systems. What few
people realise when reading a review, is that their experience
might well be different due to differences in hardware.

“On one hand the reviewer may have gotten bad luck with his
particular setup, and may have run into issues that others would
have never come across–but they may just never even try, based on
a negative review. On the other hand, the reviewer may have found
no issues (remember the LG deaddrive issue? MandrakeSoft testers
even had one of those, just not with the affected firmware),
whereas other hardware might prove to be a lot more