Medison Celebrity Laptop Still M.I.A.

“Remember the Medison Celebrity Laptop that was advertised as a
$150 USD laptop loaded with Fedora Linux? It’s still missing in
action. It’s well over a month now since the Medison Celebrity
first appeared on the Internet and led many to wonder if it was
really a mordacious scam. This laptop that advertises a 1.5GHz
Celeron processor, 256MB of RAM, 802.11g WiFi, and 14″ wide-screen
still isn’t to be found. It was claimed it would be a few weeks
before the Medison Celebrity would be shipping, but a month later
we haven’t yet heard anything back from the Medison Celebrity
company or 2Checkout that handles the billing side. Their website
hasn’t been updated aside from changing the pictures…”


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