Microsoft’s Great Besmirching

“I have been covering Microsoft for over 25 years–I’ve even
written a few books about Windows. During that time, I’ve developed
a certain respect for a company that just doesn’t give up, and
whose ability to spin surpasses even that of politicians. To be
sure, Microsoft has crossed the line several times, but it has
always worked within the system, however much it has attempted to
use it for its own ends. No more: in the course of trying to force
OOXML through the ISO fast-track process, it has finally gone
further and attacked the system itself; in the process it has
destroyed the credibility of the ISO, with serious knock-on
consequences for the whole concept of open standards.

“Of course, all companies try to bend the rules in the their
favour, and it would be unfair to pick on Microsoft for doing the