More Fun with Vimscript

[ Thanks to Lee
for this link. ]

“In my last article, I looked at some of the ways in which you
can use Vimscript, Vim’s built-in scripting language, to set up
that text editor to do exactly what you want it to. Apparently you
liked what you saw and asked for more, so here are some additional
tips and tricks to help you get Vim to jump through the hoops of
your choice, including techniques for specifying ranges to work on,
accepting user input, and debugging.

“In the last article, we looked at functions that operate across
the whole buffer, and functions that operate on a single line. At
times you might want to have a function operate on a range of lines
instead. There are two ways you can specify the range of lines over
which a function will be applied when you call it. The first is
simply to specify the range before the call to the function. This
is what you do when using built-in functions like s///:”