NB: Film Group Seeks To Extend DVD Suit Injunction

“The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is
charging that a Web site operator who has already been ordered by a
court to stop distributing source code used to decrypt DVD content
is flouting that injunction by serving up copious links to
alternate sources for the same information.”

“The movie business association said it filed a motion in a New
York district court today for a second injunction against Webmaster
Eric Corley (also known as “Emmanuel Goldstein”) in a bid to stop
his 2600.com Web site from linking to hundreds of other
destinations currently making the source code known as DeCSS
available online.”

“DeCSS has been the code-as-free-speech rallying point for the
Linux community and other open-source proponents, in part because
the DVD industry had for some time been without licensed DVD
viewing software for computers running alternative operating
systems like Linux.”

“Seeking the injunction in a Santa Clara, Calif., Superior Court
was the DVD Copy Control Association, the industry- backed
organization that owns and licenses DVD encryption technology.”

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