Netbooks: XO, Intel, Asus EEE Usability Test

“Constance Sibanda, from Rhodes University, conducted a field
study usability test on the intuitiveness of three different
netbooks geared towards educational environments: the XO, Intel’s
Classmate, and the Asus EEE PC. The test was conducted at three
different schools in the Grahamstown district in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa, which is in close proximity to Rhodes University.
There were six participants total with one teacher and one
“learner” from each of the three schools. The teachers were
inscrtucted to choose learners from there classes, which were
between the grade levels of eleven and 12. According to the study,
the teachers choose students who were deemed the most responsible.

“Because of the grade levels of the participants, the XO, not
surprisingly, was not well received. Most of the participants
referred to it as a “toy” and one of the participants ended up
giving it to his youngest sister. The learners seemed to like the
Intel Classmate, while the teachers like the Asus EEE the best for
various personal preferences.”

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