Network Computing: Netier’s NetXpress Makes a Strong Case for Thin Clients

“As more companies move to lower total cost of ownership (TCO),
thin-client computing is becoming a more attractive solution. I
tested Netier’s NetXpress thin clients along with its Rapport 2.0
management software and found that the software allows for simple
configuration and management for NetXpress clients. The simplicity
of the solution makes it a good fit for terminal replacement, Web
applications, remote desktop access and any other scenario where
the overhead of a PC is not required.”

“With the cost of a NetXpress workstation hovering around the
price of a low-end business PC, the real benefit of this type of
solution is not so much the upfront cost of the hardware but rather
the overall decrease in TCO. Also, these thin-client systems
take less time to administer, and you can hire less experienced
people for the administration.
This makes the thin-client
solution ideal for those companies with consistent computing needs
and standard desktop configurations. However, if your company
requires a more intricate PC configuration involving many different
software-setup scenarios, this solution isn’t for you.”

“A Netier thin client can be purchased with one of
three embedded software options: Windows NT,
Linux or NetWin-an embedded Windows for Workgroups
designed to maintain backward compatibility with those
installations where DOS and 16-bit Windows are still required. I
tested the installation of all three OSes on my XL-1000 client.
Regardless of the OS, a NetXpress client comes installed with a
terminal-emulation suite (ANSI, 5250e, 3270, VT or Wyse) and a Web
browser, and supports both the Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP clients
(for running applications on terminal servers). With the possible
exception of an IMAP or POP mail client, the client has everything
you need to be lean and mean PC user.”