Network World Fusion: Tool for attacking NT servers released this weekend

“At the Def Con conference, generally attended by hundreds of
hackers and nearly as many cops, the Cult of the Dead Cow members
will take the wraps off Back Orifice 2000.

“An unkind cut at Microsoft’s Back Office suite; Back
Orifice 2000 lets hackers sneak into your network via your server
as well as your Windows 95 or 98 desktop…”

“Security experts familiar with the inner workings of the first
Back Orifice say it’s a dangerous program…”

“The entire security industry will be watching for the shipment
of Back Orifice 2000, which will be available for download…”

“Network-1’s Olsen does fault Microsoft to some extent for the
ease with which a Trojan horse such as Back Orifice can exploit

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