NewsForge: A 100% Free Software-Based Italian Publisher

[ Thanks to Marco
for this link. ]

“Journalist Zenone Sovilla founded publishing company Nonluoghi
Libere Edizioni (the name approximately means ‘Non-Places Free
Editions’) in 2002 after two years’ experience running an online
community called Nonluoghi.it, which he created to discuss social
and political issues, with particular attention to the
relationships between democracy and information. The focus of the
newborn publishing house was on participatory democracy,
libertarian theories, and nonviolence. Right at the start, Sovilla
decided that this new business would not only support the
philosophy behind free software, but also practiced it in full,
since ‘it looked to be the only way to be consistent with the
company mission.’ In practice, adopting free software was a bold
choice in autumn 2001…”