NewsForge: Good show prep for LUGs

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One of the ways that Linux enthusiasts get the word out
about their passion is through local computer and technology
It’s efficient: You get to give away Linux CDs to a
captive audience of thousands of at least somewhat tech-aware warm
bodies. It can also be cost efficient, because many times, show
organizers will donate a booth to the local LUG because they
realize the benefit of having a Linux presence.”

“Unfortunately, just having a booth and showing up doesn’t
guarantee wild success, as many groups have found out the hard way.
Sometimes groups may even spend days on the phone trying to get
support from major vendors — but neglect to pay attention to finer
points, and end up wishing things could have gone better. LUGs gain
maximum show throughput when they spend time in advance getting
organized, recruiting workers, and following up on details.”

“Details? Who wants to be bothered with details?” you might be
asking yourself. But chances are there is someone in your users’
group who likes details and lives for the opportunity to organize.
If you’re really lucky, it will be the current LUG president. If
it’s not, the key is to find and recruit your organizer as far in
advance as possible. Maybe your LUG is new and doesn’t have its
very own detail person yet. So, you get the word out to neighboring
LUGs, or bribe a non-member friend, or get your mom to do it. Moms
tend to focus on details as part of their job.”


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