NewsForge: Jack Moffitt: Everything but a private eye

“After a few years engaging in the process from his post in the
webmasters department at SMU, he met Barath, who was then at
linuxpower.org and they decided to implement the ultimate

“‘We kind of decided on a whim that we would try out this Open
Source thing and see if it was all it was cracked up to be. And
voila! Instant response. That changed my life for sure. Far more
interest and help happened than we had ever dreamed. I actually got
free gifts in the mail from happy users!’ He didn’t receive any
gold, but close enough.”

“‘I can definitely say Open Source improved my quality of life
significantly. I dropped out of school, moved half way across the
country and I make far more money than I ever did at the webmasters
office for sure. And the fact that I get to do most of my hobbies
at work isn’t bad either.'”