NewsForge: Linux Helps Kids, Brings Hope, In Hawaii

“Whether Linux is suitable for the desktop yet is a point
debated by analysts, journalists, hobbyists, and pundits worldwide.
It’s easy to find stories about enterprise adoption of Linux for
servers, and corporate CIOs are ever so willing to extol the
virtues of open source software–as long as it is kept in the back.
No one ever goes all the way and puts Linux on the secretaries’
computers (OK, maybe it happened once). Perhaps the way to see
Linux adopted globally in the enterprise is to start developing
desktop users at a tender age. That’s what Scott Belford and the
other members of the Hawaii Open Source Education Foundation
(HOSEF) are counting on.

“As Belford likes to say, HOSEF was founded ‘by a pile of
discarded computers.’ He was working on an MBA at the University of
Hawaii when he stumbled upon a bunch of old hardware on the trash


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