NewsForge: Migrating to Turbolinux from Windows Made Easy

“Versora today announced the release of Versora’s Progression
Desktop for Turbolinux. This easy-to-use migration tool allows
users to transfer files and settings from their Windows machine to
a Linux machine, moving critical data, application settings, email,
calendar entries, contact lists, desktop settings and directory
structures via a ‘Click-Next-Next-Finished’ interface. Under terms
of the partnership agreement, Versora’s Progression Desktop is
offered in a bundled package with the Turbolinux operating

“‘Combined with Versora’s Progression Desktop, Turbolinux is
best positioned to go after the Windows desktop market in Japan,’
said Koichi Yano, CEO and President of Turbolinux, Inc. ‘Turbolinux
can replace Windows without compromising familiarity or