Novell: Novell Announces Availability of SUSE Linux 10.0

“Novell today announced SUSE Linux 10.0 will be available in
retail and online stores in early October 2005. SUSE Linux 10.0 is
uniquely designed among Linux distributions to create an easy,
user-friendly experience, delivering everything that enthusiasts
and home users need to get started with Linux. In addition to a
full featured desktop, SUSE Linux 10.0 includes more than 1,500
open source Linux applications and packages that can be optionally
installed for advanced Web hosting, application development and
home networking. The retail version comes with installation support
and comprehensive manuals to help users get the most out of Linux
at a very low cost. As a result, both home users and developers who
want to leverage the power, security and reliability of Linux can
tap SUSE Linux 10.0 as a cost-effective choice for their core
computing needs…”

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