Novell Touts Microsoft–There’s a Shock

“Last week, the story was broke that Novell was claiming to be
making some money, and the company cited its partnership with
Microsoft as a big reason why.

“This came out during a conference hosted by the Massachusetts
Technology Leadership Council, in which Novell’s Director of
Marketing Justin Steinman indicated ‘The affect on sales year over
year, for Novell’s first three quarters of our fiscal year, which
ends Oct. 31–our Linux business was up 243 percent year over

“Normally, this kind of up-tick in Linux business would be a
good thing, but then Justin had to go and sour the milk with this
now oft-quoted gem from Novell’s marketing strategy: ‘Do you want
the Linux that works with Windows? Or the one that doesn’t?’

“Needless to say, people were seriously honked off…”