OfB.biz: Is SuSE 8 SuPERB?

[ Thanks to Timothy R. Butler for this
link. ]

“When my copy of SuSE Linux 8.0 arrived, I almost felt like I
was coming home after a long trip. SuSE had been my primary Linux
distribution for over two years, until last November, so it was
exciting to see what they had been up to. SuSE 8.0 seems as good a
way as any to come back to SuSE, after all it was the first
distribution to ship with KDE 3, and it comes with a truckload of
improvements over previous versions.

“So after finishing some other tasks that needed to be done, I
headed into OfB Labs to give the new distribution a spin on one of
our test boxes. The system we placed SuSE 8.0 on was an older Dell
Dimension Pentium II/450 system with 256 megs of ram and plenty of
room for testing a large GNU/Linux installation…”

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