OOXML: BRM Defended, US May Still Vote “Yes”

Computerworld: ISO Officials, Others Dispute Claims That Open
XML Meeting Was Flawed

“The ISO official who was in charge of a meeting held last week
to discuss possible changes to the Office Open XML standards
proposal is hitting back at claims by critics that established
rules were disregarded in a bid to hasten the adoption of the
Microsoft Corp. file format as an open standard.

“Alex Brown, who in ISO parlance was the convener of last week’s
ballot resolution meeting (BRM) at the standards organization’s
Geneva headquarters, defends two controversial decisions that he

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Computerworld: Update: U.S. Likely to Maintain ‘Yes’ Vote for

” An esoteric-but-key technical committee will recommend that
the U.S. maintain its support for making Microsoft Corp.’s Office
Open XML document format an ISO-certified open standard, despite
controversy at a meeting last week discussing fixes to the proposed

“The V1 Technical Committee advises the U.S. tech standards
body, the InterNational Committee for Information Technology
Standards (INCITS), on text processing standards…”

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