Open Source Expo at the University of Missouri

[ Linux Today reader Jay Buffington writes:

The Mizzou Linux Users Group (MLUG) would like to announce
preliminary information concerning its second annual “Open Source
All interested individuals are invited to come to this
free event to learn more about topics concerning Linux, UNIX,
FreeBSD, Apache Webserver configuration, network security, PHP,
database administration, and much more. Eric S. Raymond, author of
fetchmail and key advocate of the open source movement, will be the
keynote speaker at the event. Speakers will be presenting
throughout the day, covering a wide array of exciting topics and
issues. Visitors are encouraged to bring in their computer to our
installation area where technicians will be on hand to help install
and configure Linux or any other open source software (monitors,
keyboards, and mice will be provided). A free official copy of the
latest version of Redhat Linux, SUSE Linux, or FreeBSD will be
handed out to the first 750 visitors.

The expo will take place at the University of Missouri –
Columbia on Sunday, October 24 from 10:00AM to 6:00PM.

Please visit our webpage at http://expo.missouri.edu for more