Open source game counterfeited in Mac App Store

“The developers at game software house Wolfire have found that
the Lugaru HD game, which they open sourced last May, has appeared
in what they describe as a counterfeit version on the Mac App
Store. The developers have noted the appearance of a £1.19
game named Lugaru on the Mac App Store where Wolfire sells Lugaru
HD for £5.99. Wolfire open sourced the Lugaru game under the
GPL but only included sufficient game assets (graphics, audio and
other resources) to allow users to compile a developers version;
Wolfire retained the rights to “everything else aside from the code
itself”. This type of open source release is common for games as it
allows other developers to create new games based on the code while
allowing the original developers to continue receiving income from
selling their created characters and maps.”

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