Open Source Writers Group: Book Review: Get Linux Certified and Get Ahead

“This is one of the very few tech books that I’ve actually read
from cover to cover, and I must say that I’m glad I did.
Certification, for someone who hasn’t taken the time to do it, can
be a scary process indeed. …this book is much more than a listing
of Linux exams and costs. It examines every aspect of obtaining a
certification, from selecting and preparing for the exam, to
financial options to pay for the training and the exam, to
advertising your new status and (hopefully) advancing your
technical career.”

“What’s Good? In short, everything. This is one of those
books that is aimed at the Linux market, but can be used by
everyone in the computer industry who is looking at professional
certification. The chapters on planning, financing and advertising
your certification are especially helpful to everyone, regardless
of the certification pursued.”

“What’s Bad? About the only thing that I found that I disliked
was the fact that the website screenshots were taken with Internet
Explorer rather than a browser that is better accepted in the Linux


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