OpenBSD 5.0 Released

“Generic network stack improvements:

  • Added support for sending Wake on Lan packets using
  • Permit turning Wake on Lan support on/off using
  • Added Wake on Lan support to xl(4), re(4), and vr(4).
  • Allow ftp-proxy(8) to proxy across rdomains.
  • The IPv4 stack will no longer accept ICMP redirects when acting
    as a router.
  • By default the IPv6 stack will not process ICMP6 redirects.
    rtsol(8) will turn it back if -F is used.
  • Reworked large parts of the dhclient(8) options processing for
    better interoperability.
  • Fixed carp(4) to work in IPv6 only setups.
  • Make it possible to bind(2) to the local network broadcast
    address on datagram and raw sockets.
  • The default multicast reject route is now ignored if the UDP
    socket uses the IP_MULTICAST_IF socket option.
  • Make gre(4) work between systems in the same LAN.
  • Removed the link1 mode special addressing mode on lo(4).
  • Kernel randomization speed and quality improved

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