O’Reilly Network: Linux PDAs: There’s Rustling in the Bushes

“The PDA landscape is coming into focus. Palm has established a
wide user base and appeals to developers who want broad exposure to
their applications. The PocketPC, round three, has emerged with
both guns blazing, offering beautiful color resolution, multimedia,
and seamless integration with Windows desktop computers. And the
Linux PDAs, er, well, are rare and definitely niche oriented.”

“As we scan the Linux horizon, two devices in particular,
the Yopy and the PocketLinux, have caught the eye of those yearning
for a Linux-based PDA.
I originally discussed the Yopy PDA
back in May 2000 with the article All Linux PDA, Fact or Fiction?.
At the time of the article, the Yopy was much more promise than
actual PDA.”

“PocketLinux, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer to this
space. They occupied one of the most popular booths at the recent
LinuxWorld in San Jose, CA, and have taken a different road to
Linux PDA nirvana by writing the software and porting it to
existing devices. I’ll also take a look at their new offering in
the second part of this article.”

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